Curriculum Features

英藝小學 Zenith Primary School

English as a Medium of Instruction

The school uses English as a medium of instruction, including mathematics, general studies and other subjects except Chinese. We are one of the few primary schools in Hong Kong that all subjects are taught in English. Students have a wealth of opportunities to learn English both inside and outside the classroom, making them more comprehensive and effective in the application of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Positive Education

The school adopts the approach of ‘Positive Education’ to nurture students’ self-efficacy and the sense of ‘well-being’. Positive education is to apply the concept of positive psychology, so that students can strengthen their personal abilities with positive concepts as the goal, and build positive emotions and happiness through personal strengths and experience. Students learn to face negative emotions and unpleasant experiences in life with a positive attitude. They understand that even if they are in adversity, they still have to hold positive beliefs and hopes. Positive education focuses on discovering, cultivating and developing personal strengths and potentials, and promoting positive elements of personal development, including optimism, happiness and mutual love, so that children can actively face the pressures and challenges in life, and thus move towards a ‘flourishing’ life.

Small-class Teaching

The school attaches great importance to the academic and personal growth and development of students by adopting a small-class teaching model to ensure that every student can be fully taken care of. With a high teacher-student ratio, students can get many opportunities to participate in the classroom, making learning more effective. With the improvement of students’ learning effect, their learning motivation and self-confidence will also increase at the same time. In a small-class learning environment, teachers will teach students in accordance with their aptitude to ensure that every student can understand the key points of the lessons.