Student Development

英藝小學 Zenith Primary School

Student Development

Our school seeks to provide a comprehensive educational environment for equipping students to tackle future challenges. Zenith fosters students’ love in learning and develop them to be well rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who achieve academic excellence, explore their own potential, and cultivate moral well-being. We teach highly respected curricula that help students become global citizens.

Students Support

Zenith Primary School provides various extra-curricular activities and clubs for students to join to further develop their potentials and creative interests.  

Character Building

Zenith Primary School offers a good foundation for students to learn the core values to respect, to love, to contribute and to share in school, at home and in the society. The school holds a monthly theme-based etiquette learning area to develop students’ positive individuality and character.

Critical thinking

While critical analysis requires you to examine ideas, evaluate them against what you already know and make decisions about their merit, our students are encouraged to synthesize different perspectives (whether from other people or literature) to help explain, justify, or challenge what they have encountered.